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With Something for Everyone, the KFit Trainer suits all levels and ages.
Whatever your objective or starting point, you will find routines and programmes to give you a great full body conditioning workout with the KFit Trainer.


Isolation exercises place an emphasis on targeting certain areas that you want to tone. The KFit Isolation exercises really show the versatility of this amazing 7in1 fitness device. Side bends are fantastic for targeting the obliques whilst improving flexibility and spine mobility.

Engage Multiple Muscle Groups

The KFit Trainer will transform your body in as little as 4 weeks with its unique multi joint /multi plane exercises. KFit Trainer exercises like the Swing and Tricep Extension are proven to raise your heart rate, crank up your metabolism, help you lose weight and shape your whole body in just one KFit movement.


Increasing your strength will help maintain bone health and muscle mass. Exercising with the KFit Trainer regularly will help increase your muscle tone and switch on your fat burning switch. The upright row and squat will crank up your strength, improve muscle tone in the legs, butt, and upper body whilst improving your posture and fitness.


How you look and feel is directly related to your posture. Good posture can help prevent back pain and keep you looking young. This body transforming exercise will help improve your posture and co-ordination. Expect rapid results with this heart pumping exercise, targeting your deep stabilizing muscles in the knees, hips and shoulder whilst sculpting and shaping the thighs, butt, hamstrings, core, and biceps.

Upper Body

The Kinetic Kayak is a floor exercise totally unique to the KFit Trainer. Itis an amazing movement that will condition and strengthen your core and tone and sculpt the shoulders, chest , arms, neck and back – all in one exercise!


Activating the handles will turn your KFit Trainer into a belly busting abdominal roller. This is one of the best core exercises that will blast your abs, melt your muffin top and flatten that stomach. This movement activates the deep Transversus Abdominis muscles in synergy with the other core muscles. Feel the difference in just one workout.

Lower body

Strong toned legs are the foundation of any great physique. The Slingshot is a new exercise created exclusively for the KFit Trainer. Exercising the large muscles of the legs can boost metabolism, burn fat, improve mobility and build lean muscle. However, The Slingshot targets the whole body – thighs, hips and hamstrings plus the lower back and upper body!

KFit Trainer DVD workout programmes

Each KFit Trainer comes with three DVDs, each containing five daily exercise routines to complete over six weeks. Start with Bronze and progress to Silver and Gold as you get fitter!

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