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Revolutionary 7-in-1 design saves space and money, making it possible for you to have a Kinetic Gym right at home.
The KFit Trainer will get that heart pumping and fat burning. Get lean. Get toned. Get energised and get healthy!


Using the KFit Trainer as a dumbbell can help you build overall muscular strength and can be used for a huge range of exercises to target different muscle groups. Interchangeable weights can increase as your strength increases.


Use the barbell to improve your stabilising muscles, this makes you more effective in producing better muscular strength and power. Movements in training are more natural than machines and can provide a wide range of exercises to get that body-conditioning happening!


Use resistance to induce muscular contraction to increase strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. Increase muscle, strengthen connective tissue and improve joint function. With a choice of weights you can test both your aerobic and anaerobic systems all on just one device!


An extremely efficient and effective way to train your body in almost every aspect of fitness including endurance, strength, agility and balance. With effective KFIT Kettlebell training, you can burn fat, increase your power and obtain the physique you crave.


Improving your abdominal muscles has benefits beyond creating a sexy beach body. Abdominal strength helps prevent lower back pain and improves sports performance. Fitness from the inside out always starts with core strength improvements and the ab roller is perfect for this.


Using the KFit Trainers multi plane, multi joint movements activate the deep postural stabilizers that may get neglected with other forms of training. Help prevent back pain and prepare for everyday functional movements with stability and balance training that traditional bilateral training may not cover.


Release muscle tightness using the Foam Roller function. Self-myofascial release, or self-massage can help reduce stress and get rid of knots and adhesions in your muscles. Foam rolling can increase blood flow to your muscles improving mobility, flexibility, performance and prevent injury.

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